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Veins of the World.
Glitz Glamour Glaze-donuts.
Don’t judge me.
On a mean streak, for the Green streak. #latenight #hiddengems
The city below.
Co-ed Softball swag.
Talk dirty to me
Gateway to the city.
The Power Ranger Convention be like… It’s Selfie Time..!
Forgot I ever took this. #tbt Wynwood 2012 - I literally stood in front of this wall and 30min had gone by and I didn’t even realize; I was mesmerized by the fact that everywhere I looked on this wall I found something new, let alone those small new finds also came together and made sweet big finds too! If you know the artist please tag. #miami #art #wynwood #life
Pool side, cool side.
Just wait on it.
I nominate YOU. #icebucketchallenge